Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Free "Million Dollar Mates" Items

Read the steps carefully and follow them EXACTLY Log into stardoll as usual Under the picture and the name of your medoll click where it says "My Account" On the page that got open click the tab "Account Settings" There you will find your User ID ....note the number somewhere copy this into the url with your user id right after(no space) the "=" and click enter: A page will load Scroll down to find this....fill the boxes(you can use fake infos to fill the boxes) Click Submit and wait till it the next page loads...if it says you have enter something wrong fix it and click submit again...when the next page loads.....go to Stardoll as usual the items will be in your suite....

Free BNTM Dress

If you are from the UK go HERE and you'll get it!! If you are not from the UK use a proxy... click to go to and in the blank box copy and paste this: hit enter or click "GO" Login to stardoll!! wait a while.... Close the window and go to Stardoll as usual it will be in your suite...
This is my very first blog.Hope you all like it.It is still under construction!!!This blog will help you with stardoll news,spoilers,free things,etc.I will be looking for a few writers,let me know if you are interested!!!Feel free to add me on stardoll,my username is ultracide.
Thanking you all
xoxo ultracide