Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Free Satin Simple Dress!

♥ Log on to Stardoll

♥ Go to your settings

♥ You will find your user ID here. Make a note of it somewhere.
♥ Now go to:
♥ After the '=' sign type your user ID.
♥Press enter and once the page loads ,scroll down to the bottom and you should see this...
♥ You must fill in everything in the red boxes (you can use fake info if you want to!) then tick the terms and conditions box and click submit.

♥(You should find the dress in your suite. If you have never signed up for Simple before then you will also get some green bottles and a pink prom dress).

Stardoll Survey Dress!

                                               Hey Guys!

Did any of you get the Inspired By Mc Queen dress we were promised after filling out that long survey.....well i haven't yet and I was was wondering if any of ye readers get yeres?

If you haven't got yours then send this message to stardoll...(by sending a messge it helped a few people I know to get theres!)


♥ Change the category to 'other questions'
 In the blank box paste the following:
'Dear Stardoll,
Recently I took part in a survey to help you improve the site. On this survey I was promised a free dress inspired by Alexander McQueen but I have not received it. I filled in all questions and correctly typed my username in the final box, why have I not gotten my dress?'
 Wait a few days. Stardoll usually takes 3 days to read your messages to them.
Good Luck!
Jessica | jemjem12
Free Simple Sequin dress!!
If you are not from the UK use a proxy...
click to go to or and in the blank box copy and paste this:
hit enter or click "GO"
Login to stardoll!!
after e page loads again..wait a while....Close the window and go to Stardoll as usual it will be in your suite
xoxo Misskumis
Free Neckale and Audrey Skirt
Go To or Paste this in Blank box Login Paste this in The Proxy's Box Close it,and go to your suite ..
xoxo Misskumis

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Suite Patrol

I havent posted for a while (I havent had the time). I am now in charge of "Suite Patrols".I will be aiming to post one suite a week so you all can have a look! This weeks is of a girl by the username of starmix_girl. She is all about nature from what I can see. My favourite room of hers is the one where she has an Antarctica sceen. She describes in her presentation that she is upset for Global warming so that inspired her to create the room.
To visit her suite click HERE
Hope to talk to you all soon.
OliviaPap101, dont forget to check out my blog and if you can, FOLLOW!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hi frnds

Hi ppls,
I'm dimpledall and i'm the new writer of this awesome blog.
I will post here Other things that are happening on stardoll. ^_^
I really hope that u all will like my work. :]
Thanks for reading,
[My banner is coming soon..]

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Free Halloween Decoration!!
Go to- or Paste This Login Paste this in Proxy's Close The Proxy's,and go to your suite..
xoxo Misskumis

Todays News!

Heyy Guys!

Today on stardoll the monthly sale arrived with loads off cool items half make sure to get the ones you like!

Also....shocking news!

  • Kohls is for sale!

This probably means new season for Kohls!

  • SplashWear
There wont be another season of this i'm guessing cos summers over!

Jessica | jemjem123

Rihanna Look-a-like

Here you go doll! The look-a-like for Rihanna! Hope you all enjoy! :) And I have some business I need to anounce now... WE NEED WRITERS! ACTIVE WRITERS! Currently we are looking for a person who can post spoilers/free things EVERYDAY! And we need writers to fill in the days of the week we don't have a post on...

Mon: Megz

Tues: OPEN

Wed: Olivia

Thurs: OPEN

Fri: Sims

Sat: Laryssa


If you are interested in a writing piece on one of the open days, CONTACT ME ASAP! My stardoll name is BlakeLuver228


Add Image
Free Cookie?!
1.Go To 2.Paste 3.Login 4.Paste this into Proxy's Box 5.Close the Proxy
xoxo Misskumis

New Writer!

Heyyaa all members!
I'm new writer here :) , So proud I'm here to be The Writer .
I'm 13year and from Indonesia.To more info visit me :)
My stardoll name is 'Misskumis' . add me yaa,LOL

Here is my doll :)

I will write about Free Stuff,Style,Make up Tips and much more.
To go to My Stardoll Click HERE

xoxo M.K

Friday, September 24, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Today's News!

Today on Stardoll..

♥ Members got this message:

(click to enlarge)
It tells us that Stardoll Pals are leaving soon!
Are you gonna get one?

New Garden Varienty!

(click to enlarge)

Do you like it?

♥The Camp Rock 2 Campaign Ending September 22nd!

(click to enlarge)

To get them all in your dressing room click HERE
(Note: some of the things may come up twice s just delete them!)

Thats the news for the day!

Any questions?
Ask me in comments or in my Guestbook!

Free Fudge Peace and Love Top!

If you are not from Russia then follow these steps:

Go to:

Paste this into the URL box:

Log in and paste this into the proxy's URL box:

The top will appear in a box in your suite!

Jessica | jemjem123

Monday, September 20, 2010

New Store:Front Row!!
There is a new shop in the plaza named Front Row........What do you think about it??Do you like them??
A New Brand!!
What's this? A new brand? When i was searching in the starbazaar i saw this, what do you think about it?
Results for the Competition!!!
Heey People!!!The results of the first competition on Stardoll Fun is finally out!!!The winner has a margin of only 1 vote............She DID deserve to win.......The winner is -x-x-Perfect-x-x!!!Well Donee!!!=]
To visit her on Stardoll,click HERE!
Free Fudge Shirt!!
If you're from Poland then click HERE and enter the contest to get the shirt...
If you're not from Poland ,follow the steps below
1.Use a proxy like
2.Copy and paste into the proxy URL bar
3.Log in
4.Change the link to
5.Log out and close the proxy
6.Log in to the normal stardoll!!
Free Sunglasses!!!
To get the above glasses for free,simply click HERE and enter the competition!!These glasses are another free giveaway from Saturdays!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Katy Perry Look-a-like

Okay, here is the Katy Perry look-a-like! I couldn't find a belt currently in starplaza but I think there is a Sonia Rykiel belt that has the same colors..... Hope you all enjoy this
(Click image to enlarge)

Chile Free Items

If you are from Chile Go HERE and enter the competition
If you are not from Chile you'll need a MANUAL proxy.
Proxies you will use: port 80
or port 8080
Once you set the proxy go to this link
It will appear in a box in your suite.
I happen to love the dress! Do you? Comment! Olivia

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hi guys how's your week been mine kinda sucked since I hate school but yeah. I prefered last weeks look-a-like but I'll live. First three people to guess who it is wins 1 ss gift each. ENJOY!
Heey People!!Remember the competition posted on Monday??We got 8 entries(only ...=[ )Some people said they will enter but they didn't post the links or bother to check the blog again....This is really sad ...=[ people if you didn't know it takes LOADS of efforts to make a blog! (and yes i know our blog isn't the best but we are still trying very hard,our blog is new as compared to TSI and USD....)Atleast give us a chance ,BE ACTIVE and we will try our best to impress!!!! XD
Soo,now here are the entries for this time (I really hope next time I have to screen print the page a lot more times)....Now,atleast VOTE!! (Don't be sooo lazy!! ;] )And yeah,thanks for entering(Those who did!)


Ok, here is your chance readers! We need a few new writers on the blog!! We need...
1.) Spoilers (must be able to post as quickly as possible after the release of new spoilers)
2.) Free Items (must be able to post as quickly as you can find a new one)
3.) Advertiser (someone who can get more followers and more active writers)
So, please visit either BLAKELUVER228 or ULTRACIDE to get an interview!
Also, there is going to be more order on this blog. Writers will have assigned days to write on.. for now this is how it will be...
Mon: Megz Magical Makeovers (NOT celebrity)
Tues: OPEN Wed: OPEN
Thurs: OPEN
Fri: Sims Look-a-like makeup
Sat: BlakeLuver228's Look-a-like Outfit
So, if you are a writer and want a day to make your post, contact me or else you will probably no longer work on the blog
Free Fudge Dress!!!

If you are not from Poland ,you will need a proxy

1. Go to

2. Paste this link into the box:

3. Log in, then paste this link into the box

4. Log out and close the proxy.

5. Log in to the normal stardoll, the dress will be in a gift box in your suite!

Fish Hook T-Shirt

Hey Everyone,
From a previous post you might have found out that Disney have a new show. I love watching Disney Channel so I cant wait to see what this one is like. Now if you watch a sippit of the video you can get yourself a free t-shirt. Will you be getting it? Let me know in the comments. Also, I will be posting on cheats so you will c me around. - Liv (my nickname lol)
There is also a free t-shirt available if you watch one of Fish Hooks videos, but as they are seen able only for US, those who don't live there would have to use a manual proxy, but I doubt all the waiting/refreshingand so on (as it's usual on using manuals) is worth it :S
But you can try these proxies - port 80 port 80
or port 80
[Thanks to UnderneathSD]