Monday, December 27, 2010

Read : Important

Heyy Readers

I don't think I can write for this blog anymore...I had to fight to keep this position because of someone(no names being mentioned) but I feel that there is way too many writers and not enough posts...I know I don't post often but I have already spoken to the owner...
I hope after reading this the owner willl comment beneath...

Monday, December 13, 2010

Signing Off

It's time for me to say farewell. This blog once had great hope but now I'm not so sure. I have notified my leaving to ultracide but she has not yet seen and it's been 2 weeks since she last logged on. I have last due to reality and there being no real point anymore. My birthday is on saturday and I am offically leaving then I may make a post after. I'm sure there's no readers anymore but to the ones that do bye I will miss you guys and this blog. xox Billi/SIMS2BABExXx7

You can contact me on:
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