Thursday, August 5, 2010

Catwalk Winner!!
Meet friend94. Today's catwalk winner! And I see why she won! Just look at this outfit, and the way she made her hair go with her outfit's style! Ah-mazing! Anyone can make an outfit like this. Your key components are: a hat, a necklace, a top, a skirt, and boots. Simple right? Wrong. Of course in order to make an oufit as ah-dorable as this, your pieces need to go together. Pick a color theme and stick to it. Stuck and don't have a theme in mind, just pick a store you like in the starplaza. Take what I made: all from Bisou
Since I am non-superstar, so this is outfit. But, if you are superstar, you have more freedom to buy what you want from what store you want. Have fun making your catwalk worthy outfit with little stardolls! :)

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