Sunday, August 1, 2010


Meet MintyChic, today's covergirl. If you ask me, she has a very unique style! Rocking out a look you would probably see during a high fashion runway show, she wears a Splash Swimwear suit (ss 16) and RIO heels (nonss 5).
As for her makeup, she is using fake lashes, DOT black volumizing mascara, LUXE black and forever amber eyeshadow, and white eye kohl. As for her lips, she uses LUXE lip gloss and L'Occitane Mme Louis Henry Lipstick.
A style like MintyChic's is quite simple. To put your own spin on it, use objects from the suite shop to create wings instead of the feathers. Or try a different color scheme, see how MintyChic uses a theme of tan? Maybe try it with a color you like!

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