Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Challenge!!
Hi there! i am going to do a challenge:
copy the makeup! every week i will do a challenge, what you have to do is:
1. study the picture below
2.go to stardoll and copy the makeup on a doll (if its an outfit try and re create it)
3.if you have a microsoft computer then go on start, press all programs at the bottom then find acessories (under A) on it will be snipping tool. then with the snipping tool snip out the makeup/outfit, then save the image
4.go to and uploadthe image. once it has uploaded get the bottom link and copy it, then go to my page on stardoll (fairydust774) and copy the link into my guestbook (in the link put a space after http and before png at the end) or simply write about the entry in the comments!
this is the inage for this week:
(competition closes on the 8th of september)