Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bad News

Stardoll can be annoying at some times and today it was just insane! I can't even Log On! So I was going to do an awesome look a like post but I can't :( So, I am going to try to post tomorrow if I have time and if Stardoll cooperates! :) So, please send me suggestions of what you want a look a like of! You can either post the link in the comments box or post in my Stardoll guestbook or (if you are my friend) send it in a message. Please DO NOT write it in a friend request because the message usually gets cut off and I don't want to take any chances! My Stardoll name is BlakeLuver228 (no, my name is not Blake and I do not have a boyfriend named Blake lol). I am not going to make a post (because I can't) until I can log onto Stardoll so I will be able to take your request before I make my look a like post :) Take care all!

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