Thursday, September 9, 2010

I don't get it....

How can this blog have so many followers and NO COMMENTS on any posts??? I asked for ideas on a look a like and NOTHING!!!!! So, I am making my post Saturday for the look a like. Give me a suggestion by then, or I will just pick a random person. Ok? Readers, BE ACTIVE!!!!! I know a lot of you follow TSI and USD and comment so why can't you comment on OUR blog? Please be active! It means so much to all of the writers here at Stardoll Fun blog! :) Thanks oxoxox


  1. Ok, i will try to include myself more, ps: i love the blog. It looks amazing!

  2. you need more followers

  3. @OliviaPap101-thnxxx!!!=]
    @Anonymous-We will get them atleast we hope so! ;]