Saturday, September 4, 2010

Signature banners are out!

Made by afia14 (a new writer of this blog):
So copy them and save then to your computer. When you post any posts remember to ALWAYS put you signature banner on the top of the post that you have made. So far Ultracide (the owner) told me there are only 3 writers active on the blog: me, ultracide (owner and writer), and fairydust774. If you are a writer on this blog go to
ultracide and confirm with her please. Thank you again Ultracide for letting me be apart of this GREAT blog ;)


  1. heey ....the banners are super cool!!!!!!!!!i totally love them.......thnxxx a ton!!!!! =].....ummm il let u noe if i hear frm any other writers!!!!u dnt need 2 thnk me......itz a pleasure wrkin wid u!!!=]thnxx once again!

  2. How about my banner?? I work here too! )':

  3. ummmm anngurl u didnt write any post!..did u??=S

  4. You didn't make me one i'm an active poster and I was the 3rd writer here if you include ultracide

  5. ummmm reely srry!!!sophia is makin 1 for u!!!