Friday, September 17, 2010


Ok, here is your chance readers! We need a few new writers on the blog!! We need...
1.) Spoilers (must be able to post as quickly as possible after the release of new spoilers)
2.) Free Items (must be able to post as quickly as you can find a new one)
3.) Advertiser (someone who can get more followers and more active writers)
So, please visit either BLAKELUVER228 or ULTRACIDE to get an interview!
Also, there is going to be more order on this blog. Writers will have assigned days to write on.. for now this is how it will be...
Mon: Megz Magical Makeovers (NOT celebrity)
Tues: OPEN Wed: OPEN
Thurs: OPEN
Fri: Sims Look-a-like makeup
Sat: BlakeLuver228's Look-a-like Outfit
So, if you are a writer and want a day to make your post, contact me or else you will probably no longer work on the blog