Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stardoll Survey Dress!

                                               Hey Guys!

Did any of you get the Inspired By Mc Queen dress we were promised after filling out that long survey.....well i haven't yet and I was was wondering if any of ye readers get yeres?

If you haven't got yours then send this message to stardoll...(by sending a messge it helped a few people I know to get theres!)


♥ Change the category to 'other questions'
 In the blank box paste the following:
'Dear Stardoll,
Recently I took part in a survey to help you improve the site. On this survey I was promised a free dress inspired by Alexander McQueen but I have not received it. I filled in all questions and correctly typed my username in the final box, why have I not gotten my dress?'
 Wait a few days. Stardoll usually takes 3 days to read your messages to them.
Good Luck!
Jessica | jemjem12