Friday, September 10, 2010

Megz Magical Makeovers: Dinner Party
Okay, so you want that classic gorgeous posh look? Then Read On! 1. Put black bottom lashes on from 'Sunny Bunny', and put on thin false lashes from 'Glamourus'. 2. Put on Contact Lenses from 'Sunny Bunny'. Then put on a dark red shade of Lipstick and LUXE on top. 3. Line your eyes in Black Eye Pencil from 'Dot' and put a white shading stick in the corners of the eyes. 4. Put a dark coloures shading stick in the outer corners of your eyes. 5. Put on both of the brown mascaras. 6. Put a deep red rose in your hair, and go for a curly hairstyle! Done!


  1. That looks amazing....Thanks, I Will Take that advise when I become ss again!

  2. Beautiful make up! :) please visit my blog and leave a comment! you can find there outfits and make ups!