Friday, September 10, 2010

This post is going tell you about something really interesting...soooo read on and be sure to comment your views!!
First News
I am thinking about having a competition every fortnight.......The comp will be about Best Suite/Best Medoll!!!You will need to submit your entries and the winner will be chosen by voting or by the writers on the blog!!The link to the winner's suite will added to the blog for a while thus,resulting in fame and glory(lol...i know we don't have MANY followers yet,but we will some day.....=P)and I will also make a page on/about the winners...;]!!!Are you up for the competitions???(I HOPE you are!!!)
Second News
Anyone of you interested in winning 100 SD?????????If yes,visit not now...first complete reading this post and commenting!!!)and read the very first post!!!If you want to become a judge to a MAJOR event read the second post on that blog!!!
Third News
This isn't any news but i need to tell (rather ask)you people about something!!!Have you people noticed that now this blog has an "Ads" page??Do you want 2 advertise anything???If yes,just contact me about it!!!By the way I need to change the playlist.....any suggestions for new songs???If you have any other suggestions,let me know about them.
Keep Reading,Keep commenting,Keep Smiling!!


  1. well i like third news. and i want to tell u that advertise is free?

  2. advertising is ABSOLUTELY free!!!

  3. woah cool advertising!

  4. omg! advertise is freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee love it. :D
    but i'm sad bcoz my acc. on sd got hacked and deleted. so have created this one : _dimpledall_

  5. XD........aww!!dats reely sad..=(..lets us know if v can do sumthin 2 help u...

  6. m... i have now got my acc. back now happy!